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Reverse Engineering for Legacy AMR system

Energobit, now is one of the biggest solution provider for electric works contracting, electricity management and metering systems, consultancy in the electric and energetic fields, supply of electric equipment, complex numerical protections, analysis and control software in Romania.

2G/3G Modem for Energy saving system

Rubin Informatikai zRt was established more Than 20 years ago and has extensive experience in software development and hardware manufacturing enabling us to offer end-to-end IT solutions and services. In the past few years Rubin moved the focus to develop remote metering, diagnostic and control system for building automation and other electrical devices, which helps to optimize the energy consumption of a facility. By the optimization systems of Rubin the customers can discover the network losses, anomalies and dangers. Furthermore, they will be able to use the data as the input of an internal clearing and billing system.

2G/3G Modems for energy substation automation system

M. P. Power Transmission Co., Limited (hereafter as MPPTCL), located in Madhya Pradesh, India is a leading local energy supplier, focusing on intra-state transmission of electricity in Madhya Pradesh province. In order to serve 75 million inhabitants, MPPTCL has already built 29726Km length of lines, 282 EHV substations and 693 Transformers (As on December 2014)

Cost-effective Center Monitoring Solution for Water Management

SSE is a high-tech company specializing in the design & manufacture of Telemetry Systems. With over 20years experience in the telemetry market, SSE has grown by adding new products and solutions to its market offering, namely: Energy & Water Management Solutions, Industrial Automation, SCADA & Communication Systems. SSE develop customization software, web dashboards and resource management solutions for their customers. Now SSE has become a famous solution provider in Southern Africa include South Africa.

Challenges of improvement GAS distribution automation system

Baskent Natural Gas Distribution Inc.(BaskentGaz), founded in 2007, is responsible for the sale and distribution of natural gas in Ankara, Turkey. Baskent has become Turkey's second-largest distribution company and now serves around 1.5 million subscribers with over 9000 miles of distribution mains.